24 Questions to ask your hair and makeup stylists

24 Questions to ask your hair and makeup stylists

When to book: 4 – 6 months ahead

Unless you are absolutely sure about what kind of hair and make-up you want to have for the wedding, you need to do some research. Have a look at our showcases to get an idea of the different looks you like, then you can start to look for your make-up artist/hairstylist.

This complete list of questions for download will ensure you look and feel like a princess on your big day.

  1. Are you available on my wedding date?

  2. Will they be happy to try different looks at the trial if you’re not happy with the first make-up look or hair style?

  3. Are you happy to do the trial run whenever I’m ready?

  4. How long will the trial run last, is there a time limit?

  5. Would you like to see images of looks and styles that I like, pictures of my dress, flowers, colour style of your bridesmaids dress, colour theme?

  6. Can I have a trial run before you pay the deposit?

  7. Can I have a day or two to think it over after my trial or do I need to make a paymen immediately?

  8. If I change my mind about my hair and/or make-up after your trial – is there a charge for a re-trial?

  9. Can you help you with my veil and tiara?

  10. Do I need to bring my hair accessories before the trial run, or is are you happy to work with my tiara/veil on the wedding day?

  11. If I haven’t found my hair accessories – do you have any hair accessories I can use at the trial run just to get an idea how different things look in my hair?

  12. Where will the trial run take place?

  13. Will you come to you me on the wedding day?

  14. Are false lashes or lash extensions included in your make-up package

  15. Can you advise about top-ups for lipstick, powder etc?

  16. What products do you use? (TIP:Most make-up artists use a variety of products from the top make-up houses, so it’s always worth asking if they only use one brand of make-up, or if they are all cheap and cheerful – maybe it’s time to think again. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetics.)

  17. I have sensitive or problem skin – would you be happy to use some of my own products?

  18. I have fine hair – are you confident using clipin extensions to help achieve a beautiful glamorous hair style?

  19. Would you like me to arrive with just-washed hair on the wedding day

  20. Should I use any leave-in products, deep conditioners?

  21. Should I straighten my hair before the trial run? (TIP: Your stylist may want to see your natural hair before he/she starts work.)

  22. Are there any extra charges – parking, travel, overtime, weekend rate etc?

  23. I have an early wedding/large bridal party, will you be able to bring an assistant along on the wedding day if needed?

  24. What happens if you are ill on the wedding day? Will you be able to get a replacement?

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