17 Questions to ask your wedding  jeweller

17 Questions to ask your wedding jeweller

When to book: 12 – 18 months ahead

Buying fine jewellery isn’t like buying anything else — even big-ticket items like a car or major appliance. Precious stones — gems and diamonds — and fine jewellery come with their own language. It involves quality, style, even the way they’re marketed and sold. It’s next to impossible for an untrained eye to fully grasp the quality of a particular stone.

On top of that, most of us only dip into fine jewellery purchases a few times in our lives, yet they’re the moments most filled with emotional significance. This means a critical step in finding the perfect engagement ring is to find a jeweller you trust. Don’t leave the purchase of a lifetime to chance. Download the complete list of questions to ask when choosing a wedding jeweller.

Does the jeweller listen to you?

Are you established and credentialed?

Please describe the array of services you offer?

Do you have an in-house gemmologist who can help me find the right stone for my style and budget?

Do you also offer resizing and repairs?

Do you do custom designs?

Do you have experience with loose diamonds and find jewellery.

How do you handle diamond certification and appraisal?

Please will you show me the 4 Cs of a diamond first hand?

Can I see the cut of the diamond under a gemmological microscope?

Do you have a full-spectrum diamond light for colour grading?

Is there a set of diamonds or colour grading stones to compare the colour of the diamond?

How do you mark the integrity of the precious metal in the engagement ring?

Could you show me the stamp verifying the precious metal content, such as 10K, 14K or 18K for gold or PLT for platinum.

What is your returns policy?

Can you provide the ring you want in the timeframe I need? (TIP: Make sure you understand the jeweller’s warranty and return policy.)

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