22 Questions to ask your wedding florist

22 Questions to ask your wedding florist

When to book: 6 – 9 months ahead

Your wedding florist offers so much more than just supplying the wedding bouquet. Your florist adds the final touches to your wedding details, by helping you set the mood and look for your wedding ceremony, as well as centrepieces and other table decorations for your wedding reception, by paying the highest level of attention to detail. They are responsible for all the floral touches to your wedding party, including the corsages and some florists may even work with your cake designer to provide embellishments.

Before you set an appointment with your wedding florist you should already have reserved your ceremony and reception venue, that way you will know exactly how much floral décor you will need to create the exact look you want for your special day.

Also make sure you’ve already chosen your wedding dress, most importantly, work with professionals, you can find florist showcases on our site so when you do start phoning around, you know you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve created your short list, use these questions to zero in on your final decision.

  1. Do you have my wedding date available?

  2. Have you worked at my chosen ceremony and reception location before? If not are you familiar with the sites

  3. How many other weddings/events do you have scheduled on the same day?

  4. Will you be creating my floral arrangement yourself, or will it be another floral designer?

  5. Can you work with my budget? 

  6. What design styles do you offer? (Traditional, Modern, Trendy, European, Oriental)

  7. What recommendations can you make to help me maximise my budget?

  8. Do you offer special packages, or is everything customised?

  9. Based on my chosen colour scheme and budget,what flowers do you recommend?

  10. Is there a price difference if I use one type of flower vs. a mixed arrangement or bouquet?

  11. If I request it, can you provide organic, pesticide free, or sustainably grown varieties? (TIP: Organic roses cost more, but last much longer.)

  12. What are the different types of wraps/collars you can offer me for my bouquet?

  13. What about coordinating boutonierres, bridesmaid flowers and centrepieces? Can you suggest anything special to co-ordinate with my theme/venue/season of my event?

  14. What other décor do you provide? (Aisle runners, candelabras, trees, arches, votives, mirrors etc) If so how will these affect the overall cost?

  15. If I give you a picture of a bouquet/arrangement I like, can you recreate it?

  16. Will you work with my cake designer if I decide to add flowers to my wedding cake? If so is there an additional fee for this?

  17. Are you able to assist with the preservation of my bouquet after the wedding? If not are you able to recommend someone?

  18. Do you charge a delivery fee?

  19. Do you charge an extra fee if I need you to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

  20. Are there any additional fees that have not already been taken into account?

  21. Will you provide me with an itemized list of all elements we have discussed along with prices?

  22. When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

  23. What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?

22 Questions to ask your wedding floristWedding Florist Questions

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