33 Questions to ask your wedding  officiant

33 Questions to ask your wedding officiant

Whether you are having a civil, religious or casual ceremony, make sure you’re well informed, this person will be an intricate part of your commitment to each other, so it’s important to get to know your celebrant/officiants.

These questions will help you find a wedding officiant that appreciates your values and will ensure you get the perfect wedding ceremony.

  1. How flexible is the wedding officiate to changing parts of the ceremony that you may not like

  2. Will you permit me to write my own vows?

  3. What is the process for creating my ceremony?

  4. Is there anything that you will not say or do?

  5. Have you ever been late for or missed a wedding?

  6. How many weddings do you perform in an average year?

  7. Do they have a “back-up” in case of extreme illness of emergency?

  8. Will you marry us if we are different faiths?

  9. Will you perform a theme wedding?

  10. Are there any restrictions as to your attire, or the bridal party’s attire?

  11. Could you show me your credentials please?

  12. Can you legally perform wedding ceremonies in South Africa?

  13. What are your spiritual beliefs? (Be sure to tell them what YOUR spiritual beliefs are and ask if they will make changes to honor your beliefs)

  14. Will the ceremony be a religious, nondenominational or secular ceremony?

  15. Will the ceremony be traditional or nontraditional?

  16. Will you provide a little light-hearted humor if that is what I want?

  17. Do you require premarital or religious classes? Is relationship coaching available, if I want it? What are those requirements?

  18. Are you qualified to offer premarital relationship coaching if you want it?

  19. What is your fee? Do they require a deposit to secure the date? Does the fee include the rehearsal?

  20. When is the balance of the fee due? What forms of payment do you accept?

  21. Are there any hidden charges?

  22. How many meetings will be necessary to finalize the words in the ceremony?

  23. Do you attend the rehearsal dinner and the reception, if invited?

  24. Will you give a blessing or prayer before the meal at the reception?

  25. How will you be dressed? Will they wear a suit or a robe?

  26. Do you have any creative ways to include children in the ceremony?

  27. Do you have a “Refund Procedure or cancelation Procedure and is it part of the agreement?

  28. If need be, would you allow another Officiant, Minister/Rabi or Priest to take part in the ceremony?

  29. Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?

  30. What kind of microphone do you prefer?

  31. Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?

  32. How accessible/responsive are you by phone and by e-mail

  33. Do you work well with other wedding vendors? Will you recommend other wedding vendors?

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