Formulated Wedding Budget Template - (Free to Download)

Formulated Wedding Budget Template – (Free to Download)

Many brides have to plan their day on a shoestring budget, by planning well you can have  a tasteful, dream wedding without getting into unnecessary debt.

Defining your wedding budget is the very first thing you should do at the beginning of the wedding planning process.

Being realistic and mindful about the costs of a wedding will omit unnecessary tension between the bride and the groom and the parents.

The average total cost of a  wedding in South Africa is estimated at about 80 – 90k for 80-100 people, roughly calculated, you’re looking at R 800 – R 900 per head. For very glamorous weddings this average per person could reach as high as R 2 500 per head. So before you start planning, use this handy wedding budget calculator to help you define your budget and plan the perfect day.

Consider these percentages when determining your final wedding budget. (Remember to make provision for any unforeseen fees and costs – allocate an additional 10-15% of your total budget over and above for emergency expenditure.)

  • 40 % on the wedding ceremony and reception

  • 10 % on wedding day wear

  • 10% on flowers and decor

  • 5% Entertainment

  • 15% Photo’s and Videos

  • 5% Transport and Accommodation

  • 5% Stationery

  • 5% Wedding rings

  • 5% Miscellaneous

We’ve formulated this stunning excel spreadsheet to help you complete this important task. We’re committed to helping you bring your wedding vision to life, wedding detail by wedding detail. Download our free wedding budget excel spreadsheet and plan your dream wedding down to the last cent.

• Based on the total amount you have allocated to your wedding, enter the estimated amounts into the “estimate” column of the wedding budget
• Once you have paid your deposit/made your purchase enter the relevant amount into the “actual column”
• Try to make the Total for each item less than or equal to the estimated (budget) amount


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