Partner Code of Ethics

The team at mysouthafricanwedding.com believes wholeheartedly in service excellence, to achieve this it is prescribed that the hand picked wedding industry professionals showcased on this platform not only agree to but also implement the following code of ethics in the day to day running of their business and general dealings with local and international brides and couples planning a wedding in South Africa:  

Members of my South African wedding pledge to abide by the following code of ethics, which embraces honesty, integrity, and quality of service. All valued marketing partners on www.my southafricanwedding.com promise to:

  1. Respond to requests from brides and couples promptly and professionally, even if you are unable to assist them. 
  2. Conduct your business interactions and activities with integrity, value & first class customer service in a professional & ethical manner. 
  3. Honour all contracts and other agreements with customers, suppliers and other business associates.
  4. Be honest, truthful & direct in discussions with potential & existing couples and offer comparable pricing.
  5. Communicate professionally with customers, potential customers, suppliers & other business contacts.
  6. Give brides and couples honest and regular feedback in a prompt and professional manner.
  7. Not knowingly participate or assist in any violation of any laws, governing body rules and regulations.
  8. Provide existing & potential clients with timely, complete unambiguous information about prices, services and options.
  9. Not knowingly advertise any services of which they are not professionally capable of providing.
  10. Offer professional courtesy to other wedding professionals.
  11. Respect intellectual property rights of others, including trademarks and copyrighted materials.
  12. Follow good practice by keeping all relevant business licenses and permits current and in good standing.
  13. Stay up to date with wedding trends and give brides and couples current and valuable information.
  14. Refer brides and couples to other talented wedding industry professionals featured on the ProNetwork.
  15. Offer clients undivided attention and dedication.
  16. Offer expertise, advice and suggestions.
  17. Never let a happy couple or a bride down – always have a backup plan.